Current Sister Cities

Farindola, Italy


Our newest Sister City, Farindola, Italy, joined us on November 29, 2019.  Farindola's origins date to 1480 when the prior town Farina moved there.  It sits on the edge of a national park with a waterfall outside town where the original 11th cent Farina stood.  Farindola is our fourth sister city.

Rauma, Finland


Our third Sister City, Rauma is located on the west coast of Finland.  It was founded in 1442 and is the third oldest town in Finland.  Old Rauma is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Rauma is our third sister city.

Les Cayes, Haiti


Founded in 1786, Les Cayes (locals call it Aux Cayes) is Haiti's leading southern port.   In the past, Les Cayes was visited by pirates and Simon Bolivar.  Buccaneer-era buildings are a highlight for tourists.  It is the world's largest supplier of vetiver (for perfume).  Les Cayes is our second sister city.

Qufu, China


Hometown of Confucius (born nearby) with a temple in his honor built in 478 BC.  It is a 50 acre temple rivaling the Forbidden City in size.  In ancient times, Qufu was a regional capital.  Qufu is our first sister city.